Why STPs matter to local government

Local authorities have a great opportunity to develop a health and social care environment that benefits their population. But if the Government’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) don’t deliver; if resources are unfairly balanced within a footprint; if change happens too rapidly, too slowly or political priorities are ignored – then these plans could cause a massive long-term headache for local government.

Every single STP desperately needs local government to understand, engage and help to develop coordinated approaches to operational planning in a number of areas including:

  1. Hospital discharge and admissions
  2. Mental health services
  3. Elderly care and dementia services
  4. Services for disabled people
  5. Urgent care

The Pollen Shop has over a decade’s experience integrating health and social care.

We have worked with local authorities, NHS bodies, engagement specialists, technology and asset management companies  to develop at 3 stage approach to support local authorities better manage STP risk

  • STP Healthcheck – a clear map setting out critical risks and opportunities inherent in the plan.
  •  STP Benchmarking  – ongoing  data  on comparative investment, capital release  and expected returns.
  • STP Dashboard –highlighting progress  of key political, regulatory and financial elements of the plan against  an authority’s strategic objectives.

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