Track the Act

The first Track the Act briefing, covering the first six months of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act has now been published

The short report provides a snapshot of how implementation of the Act is developing for unpaid carers across Wales. The briefing brings together initial findings from Carers Wales’ online carers’ survey and related responses from our Local Authority Freedom of Information requests.

We will be providing a full report in May 2017 on the first full year of the Act but some indicative findings include:

• 17 of the 22 local authorities in Wales were unable to provide any data on how many carers contacted them by phone, the internet or in person for information advice or assistance. Although of those carers that had seen information produced by local authorities 62% found the information useful or very useful.

• 16 out of the 22 local authorities in Wales were unable to tell us how many people they had referred on to other organisations for community preventative support.

• Of the carers who completed the survey 80% had not been offered a carers needs assessment, a new duty under the Act

• There was a significant variation amongst local authorities in the numbers of carers receiving carers needs assessments as well as those going on to receive support via a care plan following assessment.

We hope that you find this initial report useful in helping track the implementation of the Act and the difference it is making to the thousands of unpaid carers across Wales.

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